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"We're both absolutely delighted with the front door, magnificent is the word that comes to mind. A beautiful job, superbly executed, with incredible attention to detail, unique. No less than we expected, even better to be honest. Thank you..."
Mr & Mrs A, Oxford.


Our sister site, Early Oak Reproductions, has over 400 pieces of superb value-for-money 'top end' 17th/18th style oak and country furniture, as well as fine art and accessories for the period home.
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aNicholas Berry has been a life-long early oak enthusiast and, being a specialist joiner for over twenty five years, works hands on with a team of highly skilled  and experienced craftsmen and women.

Our common bond is a passion for England's rich heritage of historic architecture, interiors and furnishings. Our love for, and long study into, these subjects together with a thorough understanding of period joinery techniques, decorative styles and the patina and colour created by age, has contributed towards our growing and enviable reputation for producing reproduction early oak furniture and architectural woodwork of the very finest quality.

We believe we are the only workshop in the world making furniture and architectural woodwork, so closely to 16th/17th century ways, using old reclaimed oak (please see our article on handmade)

Our web site illustrates examples of work commissioned from some of our existing clients and its primary purpose is to demonstrate our unique capabilities in this emotive and fascinating branch of English history.




A few more testimonials:

"From our point of view discussing a design and commissioning work from Nick is very simple. We would have no hesitation in recommending Early Oak Specialists to anyone else".
The National Trust, London

"Received the entertainment centre yesterday. I absolutely love it. The size is perfect. Thanks Nicholas and I'll be in touch about the bed soon. Great work!
Mr A, Michigan USA

"We're delighted with the bed, it's a real work of art and it was much admired by our guests over Christmas. They were absolutely staggered to hear that it had just been made - your work and craftsmanship exceeds anything I have ever seen by a long long way. I have no doubt that we'll be getting in the queue again for another piece very soon".
Mr R M (an avid collector of original early oak furniture), Devon

"We are really pleased with the settle and benches - thanks so much for your hard work on them"
The National Trust, Osterley Park

"I am writing to thank you for the wonderful table and its accompanying set of chairs.......Even if we had the skills to make the table ourselves, I doubt if the end result would have matched our expectations as closely as you have managed to. The pleasure in owning such a beautiful piece of furniture is enhanced by knowing that it was made by someone who really cared about the product throughout its manufacture and always seemed more interested in getting the right result than in counting the hours spent."
Mr B, Cheshire

"The cupboard is exquisite"
"My mother, who has impossibly high standards and is very hard to please, saw the cupboard for the first time last weekend. She was effusive in her praise"
Mr N, Gloucestershire

"I'm so pleased with the table!'s had universal praise and acclaim from all who have seen it. Apart from the fact that it is exactly as I wished, it carries all the hallmarks of having been made by real craftsmen, primarily yourself but also the various members of your team. If one calls it a 'replica' that potentially blurs the fact that in its own right it is the product of wonderful handcrafted furniture skills - not to mention the superb ironwork hinges and drawer handles. I also commend you for the easy and enjoyable process of commissioning it. It was clear from our first meeting that you loved early oak furniture and would spare no effort, time and research to make a piece that was as authentic and well crafted as possible. That enthusiasm, coupled with your own skills, means we have a beautiful table."
Mrs B, West Sussex

"Nick produces the most convincing replicas I have ever seen. Period. Being professionally immersed in the fine antique and aged fine furnishings industry for decades, I thought I had seen the best of the best, but Nick's talents changed all that. He is simply far above the best, without equal in his dedication to authenticity, purity and beauty"
Antique & Fine Furnishings dealer, USA.

"Hi Nick,Hope you are well. I wanted to order two of the benches we recently collected, however this time without backs or arms"
The National Trust, Osterley Park

"Just logged onto your website - our staircase looks wonderful; you took some very good photographs And although it feels as if it has been there forever, we enjoy its looks and use every day - and continue to be exited about the quality of design and workmanship. Thank you so much!"
J & A VDV, Hampshire

"Nick crafted some absolutely stunning additions and replacements to a 17th century Sussex farmhouse. The workmanship was of the highest possible standard and the authenticity of the features he introduced was amazing. His ability to "age" the oak and the ironwork is exceptional and it takes a very keen eye to realise they haven't been there for over three centuries! I recommend Nick highly".
Mr & Mrs M, Sussex

"The bookcase and radiator cover were designed in both a practical way and also to blend in well with the character of our very old house. They were also very well constructed and finished"  
Mr & Mrs H, Sussex

" have uniquely achieved through dedication, research and skills a range of early oak furniture that has the ability to evoke both the love of period oak by a connoisseur and challenge the specialist to differentiate between original!" 
Mr K, Derbyshire

"Excellent quality of workmanship that transformed a neglected solid oak staircase to it's former glory and recreated a unique centre piece for the property which will last for many years to come"
Mr K, West Sussex.

"Really wanted to say how pleased we are with the work on the panels that you organised for us, they have been Limed and the client is extremely pleased with them........"
Mr R (bespoke kitchen company), Hampshire

"Thanks very much Nick. We are really pleased with the floors. They finally look loved after our 3 years of living here and were well worth the wait"
Mrs B, East Sussex



Over the years we have carefully built up a network of skilled trades who's expertise in their field contributes to the consistent high quality of our work. Please contact us direct to confirm whether any claims of involvement with our company are genuine and that they are authorized to publish photographs, sketches and drawings of our furniture, joinery or otherwise in their portfolio, or any other marketing material.

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