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REPLICA HANDMADE 17TH CENTURY GLASS CASE in English oak with parquetry inlay of holly, cherry and bog oak.
Drinking glasses were in relative plentiful supply, even down to the lower middle classes, from the 16th century, but with their obvious fragility some means of storing them safely had  to be considered.
Hence the glass case. Contemporary inventories up to the early 18th century make typical references to ‘glasse cupberd’, ‘glasse shelves’, ‘glase peartch’, as well as ‘glass case’. They are characteristically narrower than other types of hanging wall cupboard, only some 6 to 8 inches, and are generally open fronted in their construction, although they can be occasionally found with doors. Clearly their use was not just confined to glasses, other suitable items can also just as easily be stored and the natural progression from here is the more familiar dresser rack

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