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Another area where our knowledge and ‘feel’ for the subject has proved worthwhile, is in the installation of timber framed interiors as a decorative feature to previously bare rooms.

Most of the practical tasks involved with installing old beams, although time consuming, are relatively straightforward, and certainly many clients are able to carry this out for themselves, with just a little guidance on what will look right! Several successfully completed commissions from clients has prompted us to offer a reasonably priced package whereby, following a visit to your home, we can provide working drawings together with all the       appropriate materials, carefully sourced, and with all the difficult cutting already done. We are happy to give advice, if required, as work proceeds, whether on site or by mail, fax or phone.

The effect of a room transformed in this way can be quite staggering (when carried out properly) and apart from the obvious aesthetic benefits, can certainly be cost effective. One of our clients changed just one room of a chalet bungalow by this method, for a relatively small outlay, and was advised by an estate agency that the value of the property could increase by around 80% if the same theme was continued through the remainder of the building.

This page illustrates an internal room scheme of applied timber framing to a Sussex style house built in the 1930’s. The carefully considered design combines close studded walls, with ‘later alterations’ in box framing, and a heavily beamed ceiling consisting of two bridging beams and smaller section floor joists. Because the clients installed everything themselves, the overall project cost was relatively low and they were so pleased with the result that we are now continuing the same package, on a stage by stage basis, to the rest of the house. 

General plan of beam and post arrangement for living room and hallway.

Click the picture for a detailed view.

Click picture for a detailed picture.

Three views of the finished living room, showing the heavily beamed ceiling, box framing and close studding.

Click the pictures for a detailed view.

Click picture for a detailed picture.        Click picture for a detailed picture.       Click picture for a detailed picture.

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