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EXTERIOR BOARDED DOOR AND FRAME IN OLD OAK, handmade for an extension to a 15th century farmhouse.

Of the two main types of door, boarded and framed, boarded was the most common up until the late 17th century. This example uses wide boards of tapered and rebated cross section, where the thinnest edge slides inside the rebate of the moulded, thickest, edge of the adjacent plank. This simple and typically medieval method was often used to great effect, not only on doors, but also on panelling, particularly dias panelling. These external boards are nailed to a skin of horizontal oak boards, called ‘counter-boarding’ and the ends of the nails are bent over in the traditional manner, for extra strength. This makes for a very sturdy and heavy door, some 2” thick, and, with an automatic deadlocking nightlatch fitted, offers a high degree of security. The frame has external chamfered edges ending in ‘lambs-tongue’ stops. Inside, a pair of 30” long, plain iron, strap hinges (or ‘rides’) are nailed to the door and hung on ‘pintles’ driven well into the oak frame.

 The exterior surfaces have been treated with traditional limewash and the working bell pull to the left was hand-made by our blacksmith.

Price Guide: Handmade in old old oak, incl. ironwork, low end of F
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Picture of lock in detail

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